Applesauce Tastes Fermented, Still Good To Eat?

Applesauce Tastes Fermented Still Good To Eat

Fermented applesauce can be a great treat If it’s been guided in the fermentation process. If you find a random jar on your shelf tastes fermented or smells vinegary, and you didn’t do it on purpose, It should be thrown away immediately. Real fermentation needs to take place under strict health and safety guidelines. If … Read more

My Canned Applesauce Turned Brown Help!

Prevent APplesauce Browning 1

This used to happen to us until we did research on how to prevent it. Since other people face the same problem, we decided to write this article. It includes everything we’ve learned about why canned applesauce tends to turn brown, and how to fix it. Right off the bat, the easiest way to prevent … Read more