Can you eat freezer-burned food?

Can you eat freezer burned food

Can you eat freezer-burned food? We all know it tastes quite terrible but is freezer burn food unsafe? This article will get into all the information you need to know when it comes to eating frozen foods with freezer burn. Is freezer burn safe to eat or can freezer burn make you sick? While freezer-burned … Read more

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Grease

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Grease

Cleaning out grease from kitchen cabinets is a dirty job that no one likes to do. But, it can be done. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get rid of that grease and keep it from coming back. You can clean your kitchen’s greasy Kitchen cabinets with 1 part baking soda to 2 … Read more

The Best Way to Store Chips in a Pantry

how to store chips in pantry

You wouldn’t think storing chips in the pantry is a complicating process until you find yourself trying to play Tetris with bulky chip bags. Nor would you think you needed an education in order to learn how to store chips in pantry. But it’s true, Pantry organization can be a nightmare, especially with chips. To … Read more

Can you freeze rice?

Can you freeze rice

Rice is a staple food for many cultures, but when it’s time to clear the dinner table and there’s a lot of leftover rice, can you freeze it? Can you freeze cooked rice? What about uncooked? Can you freeze rice? Yes! You can freeze cooked rice and uncooked rice as well. That means that if … Read more

Can You Freeze Gravy?

Can You Freeze Gravy

It’s the height of winter and you’ve just made some delicious, hearty turkey gravy. You’re not sure what to do with it now that Thanksgiving is over. You could just throw it away, but that would be a shame. It would also be kind of gross considering how much time you spent cooking your feast … Read more