Applesauce Tastes Fermented Still Good To Eat

Applesauce Tastes Fermented, Still Good To Eat?

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Fermented applesauce can be a great treat If it’s been guided in the fermentation process. If you find a random jar on your shelf tastes fermented or smells vinegary, and you didn’t do it on purpose, It should be thrown away immediately.

Real fermentation needs to take place under strict health and safety guidelines. If a random jar is starting to ferment on its own, it means theirs probably a broken seal or other contamination inside the jar.

This could also spur the growth of other molds and bacteria’s that will make you very sick, and possibly send you to the hospital.

Bottom line

Should you continue to eat unpasteurized applesauce that tastes fermented? Absolutely not unless it was fermented on purpose following strict safety procedures. Will randomly fermented applesauce make you sick? Realisticly, probably not. If it’s properly sealed and pasterized. However, theres always a chance it could, so throw it away.

Is all fermented applesauce bad?

No! In fact, the process of fermenting apples is as old as time. From moonshine to fancy apple cider with a bit of a kick, Apples have always been fermented safely and effectively.

There are actually a lot of benefits to eating or drinking fermented applesauce, Or any fermented food. They bring huge biodiversity to our gut biome which helps regulate digestion. A healthy gut is tied to a healthy body, and it’s one of those things you should always take care of. Fermented food really helps with that.

You can view other reasons why applesauce might go bad in another article we wrote.

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