How to store balsamic vinegar the right way

How to store balsamic vinegar the right way

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Got some excess balsamic vinegar you need to store? It’s important it’s properly stored in a food storage safe medium. Here are some tips and tricks on storing it as long as possible properly so it doesn’t go bad.


How do you store balsamic vinegar after opening?

Most vinegar, including balsamic, has an indefinite storage life. This is because of the massive acidity making life inhospitable to any bacteria that would want to live in and spoil it.

That’s not to say it can’t go bad under a variety of situations.

The best way to store balsamic vinegar after opening is to put it in a dark bottle and stick it in the back of your pantry.

You should consider moving the vinegar from the bottle it came into a new bottle. UV-protected glass bottles aren’t very expensive bottle, but they do the trick!

You can also place it in the fridge in its regular store-bought packaging, as the darkness of the fridge will keep it from degrading in the light.

On occasion, you might notice a “substance” floating around the bottom of the vinegar. It’s nothing to be alarmed about and your product is still safe to consume.

This mass is called a “mother of vinegar” (Acetobacter aceti). It’s safe to consume and is used in a variety of products such as fermenting alcohol, wine, ciders, and all sorts of things.

To remove it, Just string the vinegar through a coffee filter. You can keep the mother of vinegar for other uses or dispose of it.


Is it necessary to refrigerate balsamic vinegar after opening?

No! Vinegar is so acidic it preserves itself very well. It requires no refrigeration even after it’s been opened.

Really, Vinegar has no expiration date, Although it’s noted that it shouldn’t be used after 4-5 years. The only enemy this substance has is direct sunlight, which can cause condensation inside the container and degradation of the product.

As long as you keep it away from sunlight, or put it in dark bottles that have UV blocking properties, it will not expire or go bad from being out of the fridge.

Where should you keep balsamic vinegar?

You have two options when storing balsamic vinegar. Refrigerated in the refrigerator or stored in a dark cupboard pantry.

A bottle of balsamic vinegar can safely be stored in both of these places without much fuss, open or not.

If you intend on using it as salad dressings, You should keep it in the fridge for that nice cold crisp feeling on a fresh salad.

If your using it for cooking in reductions, sauces, balsamic glaze, etc, Keeping it in the cupboard is more than ok.

Just remember when storing it next to another condiment seasonings that the container it’s in is tight. The smell can be absorbed by other spices, or the vinegar itself can take on the flavor of another spice as well.


How do you store traditional balsamic vinegar?

The same rules apply to traditional balsamic vinegar as they do to regular mass-produced variety. Place away from direct sunlight/light and in a cool dark place. Don’t let it come near any heat. If stored properly balsamic vinegar last for an indefinite period of time.

Although people recommend just replacing it after 4 years.

So if your ever thinking “can my balsamic vinegar go bad?” the answer is probably no, not in most circumstances.

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