Can You Store Pita Bread in the Pantry

Can You Store Pita Bread in the Pantry?

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Pita bread is a food that will go bad very quickly if it’s not stored properly. It is expected to last 5 to 7 days at room temperature as long as is properly stored and sealed in a bag or airtight container.

So while you can store pita bread for a short period in your pantry, it’s not an ideal place to put it if you don’t intend on using it every single day.

So what’s the proper way to store pita bread?

You might be thinking well if it goes bad so fast in the pantry, perhaps the refrigerator is a better place for it right?

Well, you’re going to be surprised to find out that it’s not a good spot, and actually, It’s an even worse spot and putting it in your pantry.

Putting it in the refrigerator isn’t a recommended place to store your pita bread as it will dry out very quickly.

Surely you must have noticed this before I where you put a piece of pita bread or any other type of bread in the fridge it seems to dry out and become stale very fast right?

Well, There’s a reason for this and it’s pretty interesting. Unlike other Foods bread is very interesting chemically.

when placed in the refrigerator the molecules of water in the bread will start detaching themselves from the molecules of the starch, which in turn causes the starch to start turning back into its harder normal original shape that was before baking.

And with the cold temperature of the refrigerator, this whole process happens exponentially faster than it would if it was just on your countertop.

it’s been shown to expire six times faster in the fridge than it would if it was just on a countertop or in your pantry. and that’s not just for pita bread that’s for all types of bread.

all right so I can’t store it in the fridge I won’t get long-term storage in the pantry so where should You put it?

Freezing pita bread

Freezing pita bread is the best way to store it long term. The pita bread you buy at the store was probably already frozen at one point before it was placed on the Shelf I was allowed to thaw throughout the day before someone came to buy it.

The procedure for freezing pita bread is very simple, simply keep it in its original packaging and place it in the freezer. you also have an option of replacing the original packaging with your airtight seals and bags or containers.

By freezing at you will gain about three months’ worth of lifespan on your pita bread and then you can just take it out whenever you need it.

One thing we could suggest is either repackaging them individually or freezing them on a baking sheet individually first before I re-adding them to the original packaging and sealing them tightly.

by doing this, it’s easier to use your pita bread and its frozen State without having to try and pry it apart from a big block of bread. It is simply a convenience thing and is not necessary when freezing your pita bread.

An alternative to freezing or storing your pita bread in the pantry

Now Why you might not be able to store your pita bread in the pantry long term for more than 7 days, it is certainly possible to destroy the ingredients to make pita bread for a very long time.

So If long-term storage is what you’re looking for and you’re not scared to get your hands a little dirty, making your pita bread is far simpler than you would imagine.

It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper to make your own. it only requires a handful of ingredients flour salt yeast and sugar.

once you get the hang of it the first few times it is so simple to make and everyone in your household will love you for the fresh amazing pita bread you bring every day to the table.

How do you soften store-bought pita bread that’s already gone stale?

It’s A simple matter to rehydrate your dried up pita bread. There are two ways to go about it. You could place a mug full of hot water into the microwave with the pita bread for 20-second increments, or you could place a damp paper towel over your pita bread in the microwave but the same 20-second increments.

This method will also work if your pita bread is simply too hard and completely dried out although at that point is better to replace it than to try and revive it.

Can you freeze pita bread dough on its own?

yes. as long as you buy packaged the do properly where it’s airtight, usually with a lot of plastic wraps, you can expect your pita bread dough to last in the freezer for up to six months to one year.

two thought simply removed from the freezer and allowed to sit on the counter or in the fridge. depending on the type of yeast you used oh, you may notice some Rising taking place. that’s neither desirable nor undesirable and depends on your taste.

to prevent this if so inclined simply put it in the freezer before it’s had its full Rising session. That will compensate for the amount Rises while it’s thawing.

Bottom line

it’s okay to put your pita bread in your pantry if you’re just using it for short-term storage, or if you intend to use it every single day. For longer-term storage up to six months, pita bread should be frozen to retain its freshness.

and once again, the ingredients for pita bread will last far longer in the pantry than pita bread itself. So consider baking it yourself instead of relying on store-bought pita bread.

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