Is It Safe to Keep a Freezer in the Bedroom

Is It Safe to Keep a Freezer in the Bedroom?

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Sometimes we’re low on space and we need to resort to putting things in odd places in order to cope. The bigger the object is, the harder it is to find a suitable spot for it to chill (pun intended).

A chest freezer is certainly one of those hard to place items, and when it comes down to putting it in say, your bedroom, is it really safe?

The answer is simple, Yes, It’s safe to put a modern freezer or chest freezer in your bedroom. This includes full-sized refrigerators and mini-fridges too! As of this date, there has been no scientific data showing it to be a danger.

The biggest concern people tend to have is with gas leaks. Most modern appliances are entirely electric. The amount of refrigerant in these appliances is very low and can’t pose much of a health risk. You can read more about those modern-day refrigerants.

There are however some cons to keeping a freezer in the bedroom, Mostly coming down to comfort.

Let’s get into the pros and cons

Pros and Cons

Cons: Chest freezers aren’t that small. Even smaller units take up a good portion of floor space. You may find it a hindrance when trying to move around your bedroom.

An example would be getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get a glass of water. Stubbing your toe on a freezer sucks.

The noise should factor into the decision you make as well. Even freezers that boast very low volume operation will undoubtedly sound very loud when you are trying to sleep.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing, and if you are fond of white noise it could be considered a pro. But if you are a light sleeper, it might not be the most ideal setup in the house.

The biggest con of all in our opinion is foot traffic. Depending on how often your freezer is used, do you really want all those people trampling through your bedroom every time they want a frozen snack?

That doesn’t sound very pleasant to us.

And if it’s a chest freezer, You can’t even use it as an extra table! The lid will be going up and down so much that you could never store anything on top of it for very long.

Your cat won’t sleep with you in bed anymore.

Pros: The cat will love it. She’ll love you for it too. She will spend 90% of her time now stretched out on the slightly warm, vibrating freezer.

If you love making your cat happy then this is definitely a pro. However, if you like having your cat keeping your toes warm at night with the occasional claw and nibble then it’s definitely a con.

At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter where we put our freezer, in the basement or the bedroom, What’s important is we now have more freezer space. W000!


There are some warnings that you shouldn’t ignore either when it comes to adding a freezer into the bedroom. Safety should always come first, even above freezer space. I know It’s THAT serious.

  • Don’t place the freezer on top of the carpet. This is extremely dangerous as in most models it will block the air intakes. This will cause a large heat build-up, as well as a very poor performance from your freezer. Your food will not be fully frozen and could even cause poisoning if not noticed.
  • Sometimes freezers leak water, either through condensation or old age. A bedroom does not have proper drainage if the leak becomes bad enough. It could also cause damages to floorboards and warping.
  • Place child lock on freezers when small children are present.

You should also not attempt to force an incompatible plug with an outlet with an adaptor. If it doesn’t fit it doesn’t sit.

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