How Long Can You Keep Rice in the Pantry?

How Long Can You Keep Rice in the Pantry?

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Rice is a staple food found in the pantries of millions and millions of people around the world. It’s healthy, it’s filling, and it’s easy to cook. But how long can you keep it in your pantry? does it go bad if it’s uncooked, what about when it’s open?

First, let’s get the main question out of the way, and then we can dive deeper into an explanation. White rice pretty much has an indefinite shelf life. This also includes other varieties such as jasmine rice and basmati rice. Even wild rice will also last an indefinite period of time if it is sealed correctly.

As for brown rice, it has an expiration date. At most, you can expect brown rice to survive around 8 to 12 months in your pantry before it needs to be used or replaced. this is due to the higher oil and fat contents brown rice contains.

These oils cause brown rice to go rancid quickly. Because of this, they are not ideal for long-term storage. Yet, if you were using it on a daily basis or weekly basis, and the pantry is fine for brown rice.
How do I know if my uncooked rice has gone bad?

Even white rice can go bad for a variety of reasons if it hasn’t been sealed properly. Some of these reasons include plain old spoilage from dampness or mold growth. it can also harbor rice weevils. These are small bugs the hatch from eggs that cling to the rice grains.

One of the easiest ways to deal with rice weevils is to eliminate them before they have a chance to hatch. To do this simply freeze your rice for 24 to 48 hours and it should destroy any eggs within that rice. The same can be used on flour as well as any other powdered mixes that contain wheat or plant matter, such as pancake mix.

brown rice on the other hand will be far more obvious when it goes Rancid. Because of the high oil content, rancid brown rice will start becoming damp and oily. It will also release a very foul odor when agitated or opened. So it’s not a guessing game on brown rice goes bad and you won’t need to look for bugs either. That’s not to say you shouldn’t look, you should always look for bugs. like who wants to eat bugs.

Bottom line

Non-oily rice such as jasmine rice, basmati rice, wild rice, and other white races will last indefinitely if stored properly in your pantry.

Brown rice or other heavily oily and fatty rice will only last 8 to 12 months before spoiling and going Rancid.

You will definitely notice this but it may be harder to see and white rice. Be on the lookout for weevils. They look red the very small, but noticeable.

The best container to store your rice in before adding it to the pantry

The answer to this question depends on what your goals for the rice in your pantry are. If you intend to keep it for a long period of time, such as for Emergency Food Supplies, then you should look into mylar bags.

Coupled with oxygen absorbers, and the tight heat-sealed mylar bags, rice will last indefinitely.
A Large food-grade five-gallon bucket with a handful of oxygen absorbers will also do the trick. but you should line the bucket with a large mylar bag, or seal the race into a mylar bag before adding it to the bucket.

doing this will help keep away insects and other pests such as mice and rats from getting into your grain. It will also prevent moisture from being able to reach the rice if the bucket fails in some manner such as a mouse or a rat trying to chew a hole at the bottom of the bucket.

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