Can you freeze rice
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Rice is a staple food for many cultures, but when it’s time to clear the dinner table and there’s a lot of leftover rice, can you freeze it? Can you freeze cooked rice? What about uncooked?

Can you freeze rice?

Yes! You can freeze cooked rice and uncooked rice as well. That means that if you happen to have leftovers or know you’re going to cook more than what your family can eat before it goes bad, why not double up on the recipe and put some in the freezer for later use? This will save money by eliminating waste, plus provide convenience at dinnertime when all of your favorite meals are just minutes away from being served.

How do you freeze rice?

  • Spread the uncooked rice on a metal baking sheet or baking pan, so it can be frozen as one even layer.
  • Place a pan in the fridge with as little tipping as possible, to prevent spilling. You want the rice to be cold before you freeze it.
  • Once the rice has completely cooled down, it can be stored in vacuum-sealed baggies or ziplock bags. You should portion it out to 1 serving per bag to make it more convenient unless you intend to make a large single-use batch.
  • Stack the flattened air packed bags in the freezer

It’s super easy to freeze rice, see! As for unfrozen rice, Just toss it in an airtight container and drop it into the freezer no fuss. What’s the point you may ask? Well if you’re storing dry rice for a long time, it will last longer in the freezer. It also keeps out bugs, or kills one that may already be inside!

What’s the best time to freeze rice?

The best time to freeze rice is when there are leftovers from dinner, or shortly after it’s cooked. Just as long as it’s had time to cool down first. You can’t wait too long though because rice starts to grow a particularly nasty bacteria called Bacillus cereus. Bacillus cereus food poisoning can be quite deadly. So don’t wait!

Ways To Eat Frozen Rice:

Thawed out frozen rice is best used as an ingredient in another recipe. Eating it as is might not be as palatable as fresh rice. Mixing it into soups, Pilafs and various pan frys are a good way to use it, as well as some amazing fried rice.

How long does it last in the freezer?

1 month!

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