Can you freeze guacamole
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I’m sure you’ve seen those posts on Facebook with a picture of the perfect guacamole recipe. They usually say “there is no such thing as too much guacamole!” and they’re right, there really isn’t! But… what if hypotheticly you still have an entire bowlful that’s leftover? Can you freeze it for later?

Can you freeze guacamole?

Yes, You absolutely can! Not only does it remain delicious and fresh, but it’s a great way to keep from wasting any food.

Guacamole is actually considered one of the best ingredients for freezing because avocados can oxidize and brown quickly when exposed to air or light. This means that guacamole should be frozen as soon after making it as possible with as little exposure to oxygen as possible.

Obviously, this warning is a bit dramatic, But all things considered, guacamole does freeze really well.

Given how expensive avocados can be, this is a great way to save money on food.

It’s also worth noting that the best ways for freezing guacamole include:

  • Freeze it in an airtight, freezer-safe container without any additional ingredients like cheese or salsa.
  • Alternatively, you can freeze it with other vegetables such as tomatoes and onions before adding any fresh toppings. You may as well leave fresh toppings out until your ready to eat it as sometimes those don’t freeze as well as the avocado. But if it’s necessary, you can still freeze it with any toppings you want. Give it a brush of oil after it’s had about an hour to start to harden so the cheese and other toppings don’t dry out. This may also help prevent browning of the guac.
  • You can also add a bit of extra moisture in the form of water.

TIP: To freeze guacamole without any added ingredients, use these steps.

  1. Cut the avocado into chunks and place them in a food processor or blender until they are smooth but not liquified
  2. Transfer the avocado to a bowl and add lime, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cilantro. Stir well
  3. Lastly, pour the mixture into small individual containers that can be sealed tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil before freezing for at least two hours. The guacamole will last up to three months in your freezer if properly stored.

A couple of specific methods for freezing guacamole

Portion control is an important factor when it comes to freezing guacamole.

If you’re not sure how much guacamole you’ll need for a particular recipe, it’s best to make the entire batch and divide it accordingly in small containers.

Another way is by using your freezer baggies or zip-top bags with an ice cube tray and mark them off as they freeze. Fill each section of the ice cubes trays up with one serving size before sealing them tightly in individual plastic wrap or aluminum foil packages. Popping out a block from the tray will be easy when needed without having to thaw all of that guacamole again!

An easier method if you’re just freezing the above plain low ingredient guac base is to just add it to freezer-safe ziplock bags and suck all the air out. You may still add a bit of oil on the top of the guac if you wish.

How long will guacamole last in the freezer?

Guacamole will last in the freezer for about three to 3 months.

Don’t refreeze already thawed guacamole.

How to thaw frozen guacamole

To thaw frozen guacamole, place it in the fridge for a minimum of eight hours or until desired consistency. The refrigeration time is very minimal so there’s little risk for bacteria growth during storage time prior to serving.

If you’re using your frozen guacamole as part of an appetizer recipe that will be served hot, then just take it out and warm it right away with no need to let it come up to room temperature first.

If you really in a hurry and just need to get it out and defrosted, You can also pop it into the microwave to help defrost it faster. Just don’t overdo it, it might ruin its texture.

If you’re just using a base guac, once it’s thawed, you can just add your desired seasonings and mix it up to make a quick fresh batch.

If the guacamole is too thick after warming or defrosting, then stir in some extra water to reach desired consistency. The process of freezing will gas off a lot of water and tends to make frozen things dry out.

To store thawed guacamole: You can keep the leftovers covered tightly in the fridge for about two-three days before it needs to be tossed–just don’t let it get warm again or else bacteria could grow very quickly.

In conclusion, can freeze Guacamole? **YES! And it is quite happy ensconced within its icy confines.

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