Freezing Coconut Milk
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We all know that coconut milk is a great ingredient to have around the house. It can be used for anything from curries, sauces, and even coffee creamer! But what do you do if you end up with an excess of it? You could throw it out or make some fresh coconut yogurt, but did you know that there’s one more option? You can freeze it! Freezing your coconut milk has many benefits. On top of saving money because frozen items don’t spoil as quickly as their fresh counterparts, freezing will also allow for long-term storage in case of emergencies. Of course, you could always just buy the canned stuff that lasts 5 years. But assuming you don’t want to…

Freezing coconut milk is a great option because it’s easy to store, freezes quickly, and won’t spoil as fast. The only downside? Thawing the frozen item will result in an awful texture that needs to be blended for at least 20 seconds before use. But if you’re looking for convenience or just want to save money by buying bulk, freezing it should do the trick!

Freezing Coconut Milk

Freezing coconut milk is super simple and requires no preparations.

  • Pour the contents into an airtight container. Place a sheet of plastic wrap over the top so that it’s touching all sides and then seal with either tape or a lid. Make sure you write the date on your package!

Freeze for up to three months.

You’re done! Now just enjoy your frozen coconut milk whenever you want without having to worry about spoilage! Told you it was easy.

What’s the fastest way to thaw coconut milk?

Thawing coconut milk is simple. You can either do it in the fridge, or you can place your frozen package inside a pot of cold water for an hour.

The latter process will thaw quicker and be more efficient, just remember to do a water change if the water gets too warm.

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