How to thaw shredded cheese
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Freezing shredded cheese is a great way to preserving it for long storage vs just having it in the fridge to go bad after a couple of weeks. But what about when it comes to thawing it out? Is it hard or is it something that’s really easy to do? Well, it’s actually really simple!

Given that shredded cheese is so small and has so much surface area, it thaws super fast at room temperature. So simply placing it on the counter for 10-20 minutes is usually more than enough to get what you need to be thawed.

Time will be according to how much you are trying to thaw of course. If your trying to thaw out a pound of grated cheese, for example, you’re going to be standing around a bit longer than 20 minutes.

Because of the way cheese changes texture after it’s been frozen, it’s best used in baking and cooking instead of shredding it for a salad or using it in other raw preparations. With that in mind, another method of thawing frozen grated cheese is to simply not thaw it. Just use it as is in the recipe. Assuming it’s been frozen properly and isn’t in a giant frozen block, and really, even if it is, you should be able to sprinkle it out without much fuss. That is the easiest way to use frozen grated cheese.

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