Can You Freeze Cornmeal
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Can you freeze cornmeal? Yes, you can. In fact, freezing cornmeal is a very smart thing to do if you want to save money and have an unlimited supply of the staple ingredient on hand. So how do you freeze cornmeal?

How do you freeze cornmeal?

The first step is to get your hands on some freezer-safe containers or bags. Next, measure out the amount that you would like to store in one container or bag (usually about 2 cups). Then place it in a freezer-safe container or bag and seal tightly with an airtight lid. Label each container with the date so that when it comes time for cooking, all of this will be ready!

If you have a vacuum sealer that can handle powders, now is the time to finally get a chance to use it! That’ll show Cindy and her thinly veiled remarks about your kitchen gadgets.

As you can see, by freezing cornmeal, you can save a lot of time. It’s also good for the environment because it reduces food waste and is perfect if you’re looking to shop in bulk at your local supermarket or Costco, because then all that will be left to do is simply pop the containers into the freezer!

Why should you freeze cornmeal?

Freezing cornmeal is a great way to preserve it. It stays fresher longer and will spare you some money, but by freezing it, you’re also preserving all of those nutrients that would otherwise slowly degrade in storage.

And that’s not the only benefit. By having it stored in a freeze, you’re making a bug-proof barrier that will keep the cornmeal safe from all of those pesky critters.

How long does dry cornmeal last in the freezer?

Dry cornmeal will last for approximately a year as long as it’s stored in an airtight container. And you don’t have to worry about freezing pre-cooked cornbread either, because that’ll keep on the shelf for up to three months. Frozen is also up to a year. After a year, while it still may be good, it will have started to lose its nutritional value and flavor, very slowly it will continue to degrade. Although technically still edible.

Keep in mind though the food storage guidelines of your country and how they might be different from what we’re suggesting here! You should always consult with a local authoritative website on the matter first before following any advice given here or anywhere else online. Don’t forget: when it comes to the safety of our families, no one knows better than us moms! 😉

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