how to store chips in pantry

The Best Way to Store Chips in a Pantry

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You wouldn’t think storing chips in the pantry is a complicating process until you find yourself trying to play Tetris with bulky chip bags. Nor would you think you needed an education in order to learn how to store chips in pantry. But it’s true, Pantry organization can be a nightmare, especially with chips.

To make matters worse, as soon as they’re open, half-empty bags will go stale within a day or two!

Well, in this article I’m going to share my fail-proof methods for storing chips in the pantry. It will help you learn how to organize chips in pantry while also claiming back some of that lost shelf space.

First of all, The best way to store chips in pantry is by repackaging them into airtight glass containers with rubber gaskets. Original packaging is bad. Don’t bother with chip clips, either. They are worthless for keeping the stale away. Bonus if you toss an oxygen absorber or 2 in while keeping chips even fresher.

Learning how to store and how to organize chip bags in pantry with proper storage is super easy. The process is very simple.

  1. Remove chips from the bulky original packaging they came in.
  2. Dump the chips into your glass jars.
  3. Toss in a couple of oxygen absorbers. 1 300cc absorber should be adequate, Or 3 100cc absorbers.
  4. Seal the jar and place it in the pantry.

Now, this certainly isn’t some genius idea I came up with and no one else has. It’s actually a fairly common way to store many snacks and dry ingredients outside of their original packaging. It helps with keeping shelves clean and allows more space to organize your other small items, food, and canned goods.

The glory of this method is how long your chips will remain nice, fresh, and crisp, and high quality. They will taste great for a long time. The oxygen absorbers replace the inert gas that would have been in the chip bag, Or at least it serves the same purpose, displacing and removing air which causes staleness.

When you’re ready to eat your chips, simply dump some into a bowl, wipe the rubber rim to remove any chip crumbs and oil, and reseal it!

Every time you open it, the chips will come into contact with oxygen, but even so, they will last 10x longer than having a bag just clipped shut.

As for the kind of jars you should use, I personally recommend these:

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Or these:

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It’s definitely important to choose something with a rubber or cork gasket, as well as something with a wide mouth.

The wide mouth of course isn’t mandatory, but it sure makes life easier for clean-up and everyday use.

I’ve also experimented with using vacuum seal bags, However, the end result was less than desirable.

The chips more often than naught would be crushed under the suction, and in some cases, would even make a mess of the vacuum sealer.

However, you can still use a vacuum sealer if you have a jar and hose attachments, it may be even preferable to oxygen absorbers if you have it.

Don’t go run out and buy one just for your chips though!

As for how long chips will stay crisp and fresh in this method, I’ve had my jars last upwards of 8 months into 3 years out without being opened. The key is how much air you can get rid of from inside the jar and how often you open it.

As you can see, learning how to organize chips in a pantry and how to store chips in a pantry wasn’t hard at all, and when done properly, they can even be stacked for maximum space. They also look good on the countertop.

And the same principle goes for most other food, such as tortilla chips, spice packets, spices, pasta, rice, etc. For spices tho, I recommend smaller glass jars you can hang from the top, pantry door or cabinets, or pantry wall. It’s far more aesthetically pleasing!

In conclusion, if you want to get the best shelf life out of your potato chips while also maintaining a nice, neat, and organized pantry, this is my personal favorite and the most effective method.

However, if you don’t want to hassle with all of that and just need a quick solution here’s how I do it:

Simply take the chips out of the bulky packaging they came in.

Dump them into an airtight plastic container, or ziplock bag, whatever suits your fancy.

Toss in an oxygen absorber (this is the most important part honestly!) and store!

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