5 Thing's You Probably Aren't Storing Properly In The Pantry

5 Thing’s You Probably Aren’t Storing Properly In The Pantry

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Storing Potatoes in Pantry

Potatoes should not be stored in a sealed container. They need dry airflow and darkness in order to stay fresh the longest. Putting them in the back of the pantry on the bottom shelf is the best spot for them to be. Consider adding a pantry fan if the ventilation is too low.

Don’t store potatoes next to any fruit. They release an ethylene gas that will cause your fruits to ripen way faster, and in turn, rot faster.

You have to choose whether your pantry is going to be for fruit, or for vegetables. It’s never advised to add both into the same enclosed pantry unless they are separated by an airtight seal.

Also don’t store potatoes near anything that has a strong odor. Like onions, garlic, or even mushrooms. This will not only affect how long they last but also your other food and items in your pantry.

Storing Onions in Pantry

Unpeeled fresh onions should be stored the same as potatoes, in an open container with plenty of ventilation, and dry air flow. If you’ve got a peeled or cut onion, it should be stored in the fridge.

Heavy items like onions should also be stored on the bottom shelf of the pantry, Often times in the back where it’s dark, cool, and dry.

Onions should also avoid being stored near fruits.

Unlike potatoes, it’s onions that shouldn’t be stored near other foods that are susceptible to picking up the odor of onions. Like garlic, and coriander.

The same rules apply to all types of onions as well, Including shallots.

How to Store Snacks in Pantry

Snacks should be stored either in the front on a middle shelf for easy access or on a door pantry sleeve.

If packages are individually wrapped, remove them from the box and place them into a glass or plastic container.

For loose snacks, consider adding them into a glass jar with a sealing gasket. If they are the types of snacks that go stale quickly, be sure to add an oxygen absorber or two.

Remember, the main goal is to keep your snacks close to the front of the pantry because that’s what you are going to be reaching for most often.

Consider getting a pantry snack organizer that hangs on the inside of the pantry door to store them so they are even more convenient to get.

Make sure you don’t forget about your snacks and add some checkmarks to the calendar each time you use one of your snacks. This way you will be able to know if you need to repurchase anything or not.

It’s always a good idea to have a clipboard attached somewhere in your pantry to keep track of inventory, expiration dates, etc. Here’s a template you can use to print out and attach to your clipboard.

Printable Pantry Inventory Template

How to Store Homemade Sauces

If the homemade sauces have been sealed and properly sterilized in a pressure cooker, Feel free to store them at the bottom of the pantry in the back. These are generally heavy cans so it’s important not to store too many on the upper shelves.

Besides, Unless you eat pasta every single night, easy access is hardly needed.

Be sure to label them, their contents, and the date they were made. Also, add this information to your clipboard for easier access to those records! Use our template above and print it out.

Can You Store Bananas in the Pantry

Your pantry should be designated either vegetables or fruit. You can’t have both without nasty consequences to the fruit, like ripening ultra fast. To store Bananas in the pantry, simply place them on a banana hook attached to the top of the uppermost shelf.

You can also simply place them in a bowl, but bugs might get to them. It’s always better to hang this sort of fruit.

It’s also wise to store other fruit near bananas, Especially apples. These 2 fruits will cause a chain reaction of ripening in one another.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when storing anything into your pantry isn’t placement or compatibility, It’s record-keeping!

I’ve provided an amazing printable pantry clipboard template for you to use, please use it! I can’t stretch the point enough on how incredibly important it is to keep records of what you store in your pantry.

Not only will you be able to keep track of what you need when you need it, And no longer need to spend an hour trying to figure out what you should be adding to your grocery list, But you will also be able to remove or eat food that’s about to expire before it actually expires!

This will save you a ton of clean-up headaches and money!

Here it is again Printable Pantry Inventory Template

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