Cleaning and organizing your pantry will save you big bucks!

Cleaning and organizing your pantry will save you big bucks!

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When was the last time you looked into your pantry and said “ah, that’s nice and clean and tidy”?

If you are like me, probably when you first had it installed!

That was years ago.

In fact, my pantry was so bad that I felt it deserved a post all of its own!

So I had 2 options, I could burn it all with fire and hope no one noticed, Or I could just clean the darn thing and get it organized.

So I did the obvious choice, I took out my flame thrower and realized I had no more fuel. So back to option 2, cleaning and organizing!

I’m sure glad I did, Did you know you can actually save a lot of money by having an organized pantry?

First in first out method

One great food storage tip is to practice FIFO, or First-In-First-Out. When adding new groceries to your cupboards and pantry, place the newest things at the back of what you already own. To avoid using the products incorrectly, you should use a bold marker to write the date on top of each package.

In addition, if an old product approaches its expiration date and it is not yet time for you to buy more food, then consider freezing it to further increase its expiration date.

This won’t work on all foods but it works with most!

I highly recommend you keep a clipboard with an inventory, placement, and date sheet. You can find it here! We have one made up for you, all you need to do is print it out and use it!

This will make keeping track, replenishing, and using expired goods far more efficient than just trying to remember placements and dates.

The FIFO method not only saves you money, but it helps reduce the amount of food discarded.

On average, a family of four has a total of 61 pounds of food waste each month! That’s just crazy. By using the FIFO method, you can reduce your household’s overall food waste by 25%. An extra 37 pounds per month that you can save for another day or give to someone in need.

Using your freezer instead of the pantry

Not everything needs to go in the pantry. It can be a huge money saver to add certain foods into the freezer instead of your pantry.

Consider freezing fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, dill, and basil in ice cube trays with olive oil or water to cover. Then add them as needed to your own cooking creations for a burst of flavor!

Go ahead and get a food saver.

You can freeze canned soups, vegetables, really anything that’s freezable. Just don’t forget to remove the air out of the bag.

With that saved space, you can buy in bulk and save money!

I realize not everyone has room for a chest freezer, even though they are amazing.

But if you do, consider it! If you don’t, consider getting a small one.

Remember: Buy what you eat and eat what you buy!

If you’re buying food and letting it expire before eating it, then you probably shouldn’t have bought it in the first place!

By keeping your pantry and fridge organized, you will make better use of the food in your home. Not only can this save you money, but it also reduces waste.

I hope that these tips help encourage you to keep things tidy! Feel free to have a messy pantry because at least now you know why it’s filthy!

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